Cooperation with the Skal foundation

Skal foundation will be in BIOKAP as a participating company. This means that Skal foundation will have its risk-oriented analyses brought into the system using one of the three selected labs.

The companies and Skal foundation have the same objective: ongoing quality assurance in general and the prevention of calamities in particular. By active collaboration, the BIOKAP participants expect that the clarification of residue contaminations in raw materials that are inspected by certifying agents other than Skal will also increase significantly.

Cooperation RIVM

The BIOKAP data base is maintained and added to by RIVM, the knowledge institute that also carries out residue checks for some government authorities. RIVM has also set up the KAP system that has already been functioning for 15 years as the monitoring system for traditionally-grown agricultural produce. BIOKAP therefore also has ties to an institute with a great deal of knowledge on the residue issue.

Collaborating laboratories

During the annual meeting, held in November 2010, it was decided to further specify the cooperation with laboratories as follows: 
It was decided that the following laboratories are qualified to supply pesticide residue data:

Product group: Herbs and Spices

Product group: Fresh Vegetables and Fruit

All laboratories recognized by the monitoring program: Q-S Qualit├Ątsicherung.
These laboratories are listed

Other Product groups: